We all express a part of our identity by our clothing. What we wear is what we are. Textiles are a reflection of what we think and feel – whether it is about music, brands or special places we adore. The city of Berlin is such a place – fascinating, overwhelming and with many faces and endless opportunities. For some a blessing, for some a curse.

We believe that a city like Berlin needs an extraordinary fan shirt. Something remarkable and more meaningful than the usual standard souvenirs you can buy at the shops all around town. For us, there is nothing wrong with “I love Berlin” and all the other Berlin fan wear. We just feel Berlin deserves better. YOU deserve better. And this is why we’re here.

BERLIN FUCKING CITY is our urban message of appreciation and love, an outstanding and provoking slogan that we print on shirts, bags and other gear. It is our tribute to the spirit that surrounds one of the most exciting places on earth - and we are here helping you to live that spirit.

We believe in doing things differently. Out of line is better than average. BERLIN FUCKING CITY is an attitude, it is a possibility and a door to escape from conformity. It is about finding your own voice and standing out from the crowd. For we are deeply convinced, that only if you stay off the beaten path, you can make all the difference.